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Purchased 5 pieces on a recent NCL cruise. 2 of which were quite expensive.

On my return home I was informed by my homeowners insurance that there is NO WAY they would insure these pieces for what I had paid. They sent examples they had found online that cost in the vicinity of $100USD. I had paid $2500!! Immediately sent an email cancelling the entire order.

I was advised onboard that this was possible and I would face no penalty for doing so and could request a FULL REFUND. I’m now being told this isn’t the case and they’ll investigate and possibly refund 85% of my purchases. This could take up to 60 days!! This means they keep $700USD plus any interest they make over the next 2 months.

They’ve got a great scam happening if they can defraud $700 off people by lying to them.

I’d better get my 100% refund as I’m travelling on the same ship next week and I can already foresee tensions. Stay far away from PWG and buy a $20 print from eBay.

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I decided to bite my tongue on our January cruise but it’s now mid February and no refund or resolution. I have had to lodge a complaint with my credit card provider to get my refund.

I am travelling on the same ship again next week and will definitely not be keeping quiet.

It’s a 19 day cruise and I promise to be in their gallery EVERY SINGLE DAY until I get my full refund. I will also be warning others onboard about PWG and their dodgy practices.

to Anonymous #1443278

They also blacklist customers whom threaten to mention their practices. They call it greying out.

Pwg are scammers whom make a living defrauding innocent buyers buy jacking up the prices on art and charging a 15%cancellation fee . oh don't be a vip because if something goes wrong you will not receive a refund of any sort. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.

THEY HAVE UNLICENSED PEOPLE APPRAISING THE ART AT frivolous high dollar amount that they know good thornwell the insurance company will not insure for. I don't know about you but I will never purchase from them again!!!!!!!!!

to Westley Banks #1453699

My credit card company contacted PWG and they agreed to process a refund. I have so far received 85% but to get the remaining 15% PWG has insisted I sign an agreement to not ‘badmouth’ their organisation and that I must also remove any reviews I have posted online...Gag order?

You bet.Breach of 1st amendment? Absolutely.Disgusting behaviour from a clearly dodgy business.

to Anonymous #1456586

I just returned from a cruise and am going to be calling the bank directly instead of PWG. I'm hoping this will help get my full refund.

They really do sweet talk you into buying things when you don't exactly have full internet access to do any research and since being home I've found out so much, like my artwork being worth 5% of what they told me. Yea my husband and I are not happy, way to get screwed over on your honeymoon!

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