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to have people realize this is a scam? You must research anything you purchase.

Spotty wifi on the ship? sad, you can't research the REPLICA of the piece you love. Is this on purpose? Of course, it is.

You won't get what is on the ship. Nope. You get a factory made giclee or sculpture. It takes months to make because...well...this is a business.

It isn't about the art. It's like the time share scams. Go on a great vacation, but you have to sit through a short "presentation" on your first day. Then, you get hounded.

The poor salespeople are pressured and threatened with dismissal continually. "Make more sales..." You cannot force people to spend that kind of money. Ethics are unknown with Park West. Integrity is a foreign concept.

Salespeople with integrity do not do well, as a result. The Dali series from Destino? They have sold the lot so many times and "appraised" them at ridiculously high prices. Their "appraisals" are done by them.

Are you ok with that? When you get home and look on the internet, you find the exact series you purchased on eBay and Craigslist. You can buy them if you look and it won't cost you that.

I am still wondering why people buy "fakes"? Why would anyone pay anything for a fake, let alone thousands of dollars?

Product or Service Mentioned: Park West Gallery Customer Care.

Reason of review: Deceptive business practices.

Preferred solution: Stop defrauding people..

I didn't like: Fraudulent business practices.

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A very good friend of mine bought 5 Salvador Dali's (to the tune of over $14,000) and years later asked me to help her sell them. A deal (a friend of mine in Beverly Hills) said Park West has horrid reputation of jacking up the prices of their art and their appraisals are worthless).

Then another dealer in Kansas City told me the same thing.

Her art is worth under $5000 ~ IF anyone would even purchase it. Do not trust this company and don't buy anything from them!!!

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