I bought 2 Disney Thomas kinkade limited edition paintings for $1440 each. I was told I was getting an amazing price as they were worth double what I paid.

The paintings came a couple weeks later and were shipped in the incorrect frames. I had been assured this wouldn't happen, but here we are. The only thing that was offered to me was for me to ship it back to them to fix it. After they messed it up the first time, why would I ever trust them to fix it.

So I ended up just keeping the wrongly framed items thinking the worst of my problems were over. After going to Disney a couple weeks later I soon realized it wasn't such a great deal. These same paintings and same edition were being sold for $1125 and were appraised for $1500. In no way should Disney be cheaper than park west.

I am very annoyed and feel cheated by their deception. Never buy anything with park west.

I wish I read these reviews before giving my money to a lying company. Don't make the same mistake we all did.

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