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I have purchased several pieces over the last 40 years from Park West Gallery, Just purchased two pieces on board the Crown Princess. I have read most of the complaints and some parts are, in my opinion, justified and some are not. Here are some observations of mine:

1. Buy a piece because you love it, not as an investment. Very hard to predict what will increase in value and what will not.

2. The only pieces with a reasonable chance of going up in value are originals, not pieces that are part of a numbered edition.

3. Many, in not a majority of people can not afford or are not willing to pay the prices for a piece which is truly a "one of a kind original. In my opinion unless you are wealthy or a true conosseur (sp) you are best off purchasing a limited edition gliclee on canvas which has been hand embellished. An example of the price difference would be that I just purchased a limited edition gliclee on canvass which was hand embellished by Daniel Wall for $ 490 when Daniel Wall originals, according to Daniel Wall, start at $14,000 for the same size piece. I love my piece and for most of us, it actually looks like an original even though it is from an edition of 200.

4. Many people are complaining about being charged 15% for returning an art work under Park West policy of 40/40/40. Every bid card you are given contains this provision and you should be responsible for reading the bid card. The auctioneer mentions that there is a charge for returning a piece although often they don't give you the specific amount of the charge, but it is on the bid card.

5. Some people complained about the 12 week waiting period to receive their art, but you are advised of this by the auctioneer.

6. If you stick to buying what you love and forget about buying as an investment you will be much better off.

I liked: Artwork on board ships.

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If you read my post, I did have a picture taken with my wife, myself, Mr Britto and the painting. That picture is posted in my comment.

So is the wrong picture they sent me that I returned at my expense. They still refused to refund my money until I hired an attorney, which I want Park West to pay for. Park West is a bunch of crooks. I purchased an Erte, AP serigraph of Blossom Umbrella from an independent auction house for under $1000 including all fees.

It was originally issued by Park West, and appraised for 14 times what I paid for it, $11,700. I’ll sell it to you for $5500, with the $11,700 apprasial paperwork from Park West.


I agree with pretty much everything you said, but when you pay $7800 for an original acrylic painting on archival foam board, have a picture taken with your wife, yourself, the painting and the artist, then receive something different in the mail, it *** you off. Particularly when you are told, "sorry we sold it twice" and all sales are final, no refunds, no exchanges.

Park West should not be allowed to be in business. Search all the lawsuits they have survived. They settled and had confidentiality agreements signed. At some point I will be expected to sign a confidentiality agreement - in the meantime, I'm going to warn as many people as possible how crooked they are.

DO NOT TRUST PARK WEST ! ANYTHING you buy at Park West can be purchased cheaper elsewhere. I have an Erte' AP 1 of 50 of Blossom Tree serigraph I purchased through an online auction for $750+ fees.

Originally sold by PW in 2010/2011 - take a guess of the PW appraisal which came with it - $11,700. PW is a pack of thieves.


Total agree. We love all our art and have never had a problem with Park West.


Well said.

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