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I bought a painting aboard one of our Carnival Cruises out of Tampa FL. My wife and I decided to go to the auction aboard the ship and I bought a Peter Max.

Prive was around 3K. When I got home, I decided I didn't want it so I called up Park West to cancel. They hadn't even received the invoice. They said they wouldn't be able to cancel because they said "All Sales are Final," which is something they didn't tell us when making out the invoice.

I didn't discover it until I got home where it said this on the back of the invoice. They told me to fax a letter to them and they would see what they could do, but didn't promise. I ever NEVER bought anything I couldn't return if I decided I didn't want it. Not in the case of Park West..

If the decide not to refund, what is my next step to resolving this problem?

Please contact me if you can at

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Melbourne, Florida, United States #610034

Not positive, but pretty sure all the same, fall of hammer in an auction is a binding agreement. No such thing as 'I changed my mind' or 'I don't want it now'.

If you won the bid, you are stuck with it. Easy solution, if you are not sure about a possible purchase, don't bid on it.


the art is not fake, the prices are just high....did you think you would get a good deal on a luxury cruise line?

just like your $19 martini, the $32 t-shirt and the $249 bus ride into cozumel and the $29 "gold" chain? people on vacation are dumb and ready to buy anything you put in their face....PW is teaching all of you a valuable lesson....before you buy, do your research.....if you don't know how to use google or the world wide interweb, then crawl back to your house and go back to watching springer or fixing the cars on your front boos+pretty art+slick talkers=you pissed off in about 8 weeks.


all sales are final-

you singed it

Geilo, Buskerud, Norway #18492

I am a bit of a cruise freak. I take on average 3 cruises a year. one year for the heck of it I did 6 cruises in one year. I think this qualifies me to show you insight on park west and insight on what a cruise person might think of Park West Art auctions.

1. Park west is in business to make money so don’t be surprised if they are there to make money. that’s what any company does.

2. When you’re on a cruise, they have you in a remote area where they can sell anything they like and if you buy it then you have yourself to blame. Do your homework and make sure it’s the price you want to pay. Don’t have buyer’s remorse and call it a scam because you make yourself look dumb. If you bought the item then you only have yourself to blame. No one twisted your arm.

Now that I got that off my chest let me give you how I feel about Park West. Yes they are a big rip-off. Go on Ebay and look up people selling park west items on eBay and you will find no bids. NOTHING IS SELLING AT ALL! And if it does sell then its half the price they paid for it on the cruise. That I guarantee!! Now this doesn’t mean they are a rip off because after all it is a auction and you did buy it. No one twisted your arm. I have bought 3 Alexander Chen paintings on a cruise and one Manoukian, Martiros but I'm not mad because I wanted them. They are not very well known painters and park west was only place I could get them. Plus I never spend more than 3 grand for a painting so if they can sucker me into getting these paintings then they got me and more power to them.

now of course this is before I learned more about paintings, eBay and other places to get them so now what I do on the cruise is go to the auction look for the painting I want, write it down or take a picture of it and look for it when I get home. I have done that 3 times and all three times the painting could have been bought online with real appraisals that even say park west for 60% less if not more. So go on ebay, trust me it’s cheap and real.

So in closing and my opinion, Park west is taking advantage of the uneducated but here is some good news… When you go to the Auction they give free champagne. You don’t have to buy anything, you get to look at paintings you might like and go home do your homework and find the painting half price if not more off. Also another tad bit of good news. If you do by from park west the appraisal does stand up well with your insurance and you can claim it if it is lost or stolen or fire, or flood and you will get full appraised value. So that is a plus. Set your house on fire and you will get full price back from insurance. lol

I spoke with a park west guy on a NCL cruise and he told me it is getting harder and harder to sell on the cruises. That allot of people do what I do, so if you really want to hurt park west. Go to the auction, drink the champagne put tickets and tags on items you want to see on the auction board and don’t bid. It’s funny because the auctioneer will not sell anything and he will be very mad.. We did this on the NCL cruise, it was a 10 day cruise and 5 days into the cruise he wanted to kill himself. It was fun fun fun. Tag it all and watch them not sell again again and again. By the time the cruise was over he had given up totally on the auction and on the last day he just hung out with us and got drunk. He never knew we duped him the whole cruise.

so moral to the story is don’t get mad. Get even. LOLOL

P.S. plan on doing this again on June 28th on another cruise were going on. Champagne on the house, bogus tagging and no bids. We have 10 people going. We are really going to mess with him this time. oh trust me I got my monies worth.

p.s.s. Just think of it like a new car. whoever buys it first pays the suckers price. it’s always cheaper to wait and buy it a year old. allot cheaper. So let some shmuck trying to show off his flashy cash buy it then you can buy it from them and then you buy it on ebay or someone else for half that. I guarantee it will work

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