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My experience is similar to most of the others. The customer service is lacking in sincerity.

The most expensive piece I bought ($4,000.00) finally came 11 months later. Here's the story...1st delivery 3 months after purchase came with a damaged frame. Sent it back on their dime. 1.5 months later it came back and this time the actual painting was damaged.

I was reassured that the restoration dept. was top notch. Sent it back on their dime again. They had it for three months and sent it back without it being repaired!

I could not believe it. Pictures supported all of the damage. They had it for 3 months and did nothing, then sent it to me! Someone should be asking; how does that happen?

Sent it back again. Well after another 1.5 months it was returned, but this time the inner framing (wood trim) of the matting was chipped and chunked out like a third grader had done the repairs. It was so obvious that I could not imagine someone in power, let alone the restorer seeing this and saying,"Yup, looks good to me" send it out. Finally received it after 11 months, all the time making payments.

It was like a dream, I mean nightmare! It took away the initial love I had for the piece and will take some time to look at it without thinking about the BS I went through in trying to make it right and ready to display in my home. Totally disgusted about how they operate their business, and then act proud about their level of professionalism. Customer service dept.

lacked knowledge, authenticity and concern. Use caution BEFORE you buy anything. They spent $$$ on Fedex, probably $500 shipping this back and forth because of their incompetence. Heads should roll.

They are supporting, (creating) the lowly reputation portrayed in these reviews. They gave me a 10% credit for the painting not being in original condition as we saw it at the auction and needing repair in the end.

Big Deal. The painting is devalued!

This reviewer shared experience about damaged or defective and wants this business to "acknowledgement from upper management that they are aware of these issues i encountered" as the author lost $1000. The author is overall dissatisfied with Park West Gallery. The most disappointing about picture from Park West Gallery was low speed, quality of initial shipping and quality of repair Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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